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The workshops are the arms and legs behind L.A.D.I.E.S. They are the driving force to educate, inform and empower all participants. The workshops are designed to meet you where you are and then to assist in moving you forward to where you desire to be. This requires commitment and dedication. It is a mutual high level of accountability, we to you and you to your destiny. The fulfillment of one’s destiny is not for the individual only. It is the realization that we are all pieces to a great puzzle that empowers all participants and changes lives for the good. Our workshops will challenge you. They will cause you to come face to face with yourself. If you are committed and ready, they will also empower and free you to be who you were designed to be.
Project Diva
Created by Earl Lucas
  The vision of Project DIVA is to assist and guide the growth of young ladies into DIVA's from the perspective of an all-seeing Father. In this context, DIVA is an acronym that stands for Divine, Intelligent, Virtuous and Ambitious. Project DIVA is a counterpoint to mainstream society views that tell young women who and how they should be and behave. Project DIVA love you and learn to move beyond the current definitions and project what you want to become.

  The reason for Project DIVA is to share the experiences and love between a father and daughter with a greater audience. It is our belief that by these efforts of this project; it will assist young ladies growth into women who understand their higher calling. The reason for Project DIVA is to explain to young girls that they live in a predatory world and to arm them with information that will guide their growth in DIVA.

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